We are Changing Our Location

Dear Climb Community,

It is with mixed emotions that I will be closing Climb Medical Group’s outpatient addiction medicine services in South Windsor. The good news is that I am going to continue to offer medication assisted treatment with even more resources to patients in East Hartford, and I invite all of my current patients to continue to see me at my new location.

Some people may think that I am “throwing in the towel“ or “haven’t tried hard enough“.  The reality is that I’ve thought through all sorts of different scenarios and ways I could change my practice. And by closing my doors in South Windsor, I am being the best father, the best husband, and the best medical provider I can be right now.

Did my team work tirelessly, trying to improve every angle of care for our patients? You better believe it.

Did we all log endless unpaid hours before and after our patients were in the office to check in on our patients who we haven’t heard from in a while? You better believe it.

Did patients “no-show“ us, leaving gaps in our schedules that could’ve been filled by other patients in need, leaving us with unreimbursed time? You better believe it.

But I refused to change the quality of care I provided despite a lack of adequate reimbursement.

Did I write off large patient balances from my patients who are struggling because I knew that, if I send them to collections, I will only worsen the terrible situation that they’re in and likely worsen their addiction? You better believe it.  

Although Climb helped to save and change many lives this year, my venture was entirely self-funded and although I paid my staff and expenses, my work to date has been entirely volunteer. That being said, I would do it again in a heartbeat, since I’ve learned so much more about business and addiction in this time.

I know that I’ve given my all this year to make it work, but often we must adjust our course and plans in life. That being said, I am glad to say that I will continue to practice outpatient addiction medicine and will be joining the team at InterCommunity, a not-for-profit in East Hartford, CT. They provide psychiatry, individual and group therapy, primary care, infectious disease, and pharmacy services all on-site. In addition to their outpatient services, they have residential programs, provide school-based health centers, community support services, and offer recovery support programs. It’s also on a bus line, so it’s more accessible for many of my patients who were struggling to get to our location in South Windsor. My hope is that by joining forces with InterCommunity, we will have even more resources to help you, our patients. They accept all insurances and provide care “regardless of where [you] live or [your] ability to pay for services”.

This change is effective as of July 2019. My staff and myself will help ease the transition should you choose to join us as we move to our new site, or we can provide you with information on other providers in the area to ensure that you continue to receive your care. Please send us a message through the patient portal, email us at info@climbmedical.com, or call us to let us know your preference. On behalf of the entire Climb Medical team, I wish you the best in your climb of addiction and know that we care for you all very deeply

-Dr. Chad McDonald