Our Mission and Approach

We are an outpatient, addiction medicine group that cares for our patients like they are family. Come and see the difference.

We believe success in addiction can be achieved when…

  1. we identify the underlying ‘drivers’ of your addiction and You begin to rebalance your life.

2. You learn to deal with triggers and cravings.

3. You learn to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

4. You build trust in yourself and others.


“Until I found Dr. McDonald…I had never been so open and in such great control of my addictions (in and out of 17 rehabs in my life, so I’ve met lots of therapists and doctors). Dr. Chad listens and helped me figure out stuff about myself that was making me slip back into using over and over again. He is caring but not a pushover…Now I’m 71 days clean, reunited with family, holding a job. God bless Climb!”

-Actual Patient Review on HealthGrades.com


Come and See the Difference

Four easy steps

  1. Call us (click the ‘Call’ button).

  2. Schedule an appointment.

  3. Come and meet us.

  4. Let the healing begin. 


“Dr. McDonald is very caring snd approachable. As a patient with several complex health issues, I had my reservations about seeing such a young doctor. He never once gave me the impression that he couldn't give me proper care. He was appropriately concerned when need be, and also reassured me that some issues weren't as bad as I thought. He communicates well with my other providers.”

-Review from actual patient at healthgrades.com